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CUBE Features

The CUBE's many Features

  • A universal system that simplies the cost of refrigeration operation, repair , and service in the vending/cooler industry.
  • Standardizes the refrigeration system into one component (The Cube), which operates eciently through electronic controls regulating internal component operations with electrical, heat, and dirt build-up eectively managed.
  • Eliminates eld service by permitting a simple exchange of the complete system in a matter of 1-3 minutes.
  • Designed to be substantially recyclable, from its exterior structural foam plastic case to recyclable internal metals, components, etc. with the applicable refrigerant also being reclaimed.
  • May be easily retrotted in can and bottle vendors, as well as glass front coolers, and will ultimately be available for replacement in existing systems as well as incorporation into new product design.
  • Operates at reduced noise levels from existing systems.
  • Using its electronic controls and design, it allows for continued operation during low voltage times, while also providing protection during brown outs and electrical surges.
  • Has the latest, high eciency compressor, specically designed for the vending application, with an excess capacity condenser and a cooling system that signicantly reduces compressor operating temperatures.
  • A more reliable, cooler running compressor system, with improved compressor life and reduced downtime.
  • State-of-the-art, high-resolution temperature sensor network, which allows the system to monitor refrigerant pressure, airow, cabinet temperature, and provide evaporator defrosting on demand.
  • Compatibility in communication with MDB (multidrop bus) vendors Its size permits greater product storage area in retrotted existing machines or newly designed models.
  • Drain pans can be eliminated and product delivery areas lowered as a result.
  • Per multiple tests, The Cube reduces energy and utility costs.
  • Backed by 1 year warranty.