The GRS-2100 Cube

The GRS 2100, also known as the Cube was conceptualized at the Simplicool Technology building several years ago in the mind of its inventor Phil Baker.

Phil (a seasoned vending machine repairman) realized that although new vending machines were being produced each year, the same old problems (refrigerant leaks and refrigeration equipment failures) were not being addressed.

These redundant and consistent repair issues prompted Phil to consider incorporating precision, state of the art electronic controls in a revolutionary new modular refrigeration unit. Phil and his design team worked diligently for five years researching, testing, analyzing and developing their invention. Thus producing the “world’s first” smart-modular refrigeration system.

This is the vending industry's first durable, self-sufficient, self-contained refrigeration unit that is both completely interchangeable and recyclable. The GRS 2100 Cube is built for universal application in virtually every vending machine in the industry. It greatly increases vending machine capacity and reduces countless hours of the re-stocking of products.

The small and mighty GRS 2100 is made of hardened, new age structural foam; stands only 10" tall by 22" wide by 20" deep; weighs only 62 pounds; and increases the machines capacity by up to 30%.

The GRS 2100 Cube essentially eliminates freeze-ups. The precision electronic controls and monitoring system maintains a consistent watch over refrigerant pressure, airflow and cabinet pressure.

The GRS 2100 Cube also protects against brownouts, power surges and compressor delays, significantly reducing your electric bills and energy use. Changing the air filter takes about three minutes and is as easy as 1-2-3. The Cube's internal condensation management system requires no external floor drains while quietly operating with utmost efficiency. These qualities are totally unique transformations in the vending industry.

The GRS 2100 Cube is smart (monitoring and controlling refrigerant temperature) and is environmentally friendly. This feature greatly reduces the possibility of internal part failure and the likelihood of refrigeration leaks into the atmosphere.

This smart-modular refrigeration unit can also sense minor problems before they become major issues. If, for example, a part were to not work properly, the smart modular Cube would switch into a "safe-mode" during this time-frame and the unit would continue to function while keeping products cool.

Typical vending machine refrigeration systems have no way of shutting down in the event of a part failure or malfunction and more often than not increases the chance of a refrigerant leak and the probability of the dispensing warm products to unsuspecting customers.

Those of us in the day-to-day business of the vending machine world know the problems and complexity of refrigeration problems, such as the stockpiling of parts, ordering, inventory, transportation and the related high costs of labor.

The GRS 2100 Cube virtually eliminates all of these problems. Once installed, this unit with its complete four year warranty, puts cash back in your pocket from the moment it’s plugged in.

  • No more ordering and stockpiling of countless parts;
  • No more wasteful spending and down time hours for repair technicians driving all over town, loading, unloading, repairing and returning heavy vending machines to their original locations

If there is ever a need to exchange a unit, it takes less than three minutes and the technician is on their way. Inevitably, this will enable large and small companies to place their vending machines around the block or around the world, while putting the major focus on the product sales 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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