Safe Solutions For Heavy Duty Cleaning with patented Bayclean technology

A concentrated, neutral cleaner specially formulated for refurbishing vending equipment and is also very effective for all shop maintenance & floor cleaning needs.


  • No hazardous acids, caustics or solvents
  • No VOCs - fully biodegradable
  • Non-toxic - minimal risk to employees
  • Safe on metal, plastic and painted surfaces
  • Will not damage decals and labels


  • Highly effective at ambient & elevated temperatures
  • Excellent motor and coil cleaner
  • Effective on petroleum and food greases
  • Use manually or in pressure washers and floor scrubbers
  • Apply - Let Stand - Brush if needed - Rinse Soils Away

See It In Action!

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General Instructions

SimpliClean is recommended for cleaning vending equipment including cabinets, snack trays and refrigeration systems. It is highly effective cleaning tough soils, especially oils and greases. In manual cleaning applications, SimpliClean rinses completely without slick or sticky residues and is safe for workers. Excellent for pressure washing concrete floors. Outstanding in all carpet cleaning equipment.

Use Dilutions

SimpliClean is concentrated. Always dilute with water before using. For light manual cleaning applications, dilute 1:10 - 1:30. For medium manual cleaning applications, dilute1:5 - 1:10. For heavy duty manual cleaning applications, dilute 1:3 - 1:5. For snack trays, use full strength to remove the waxy build-up. For all mechanical cleaning applications, follow the recommendations of the machine manufacturer or consult a SimpliCool representative.


pH: Neutral
Appearance: Clear liquid
Odor: Mild, pleasant scent
Operating temp. range: Ambient - 140°F
Usage dilution range: 1:3 - 1:30


DOT Non-hazardous & Non-restricted. Refer to SimpliClean Material Safety Data Sheet for additional information.